P900 1.0.11 Update

P900 1.011 is available here. It includes the following: Revised patch connection work flow. Simply clicking on an input plug will now highlight its connection. Command-click is no longer needed. To disconnect, drag out a cable a little bit with no new connection. It’s also possible to establish a new connection directly without first disconnecting. Any […]

P900 1.0.10 Update

P900 1.0.10 is available here. It includes the following: Slightly revised behavior for the P935 Voltage Store reset input. The actual reset is now synchronized with the clock, and when the reset input goes high, it only resets once, not continuously as before. This makes it much more usable. For example, the keyboard gate can […]

P900 1.09 Update (New Modules!)

P900 1.09 is available here. It includes the following: P935 Voltage Store (3X). This is a sequencer building block in the form of a simple 8-stage voltage store with a single output and 3 inputs for advancing to the next stage, reset, or reverse step. A trigger sequencer/programmer is still on the drawing board and […]

P900 1.08 Update

P900 1.08 is available here. Fix for a regression in parameter handling which primarily affected Numerology. All parameters are now available for automation. Introduces a new VCA saturation option. When enabled, this produces a softer, smoother sound compared to the default harder, punchier one. In the GUI there is a new lamp at the bottom […]

P900 1.06 Update

P900 1.06 is available here. Fixed potential GUI crash. Fixed rare PWM overflow which could crash the audio engine.

P900 1.05 Update

P900 1.05 is available here. Correct default setting for the “Use Layers” option, for OS X 10.9 and 10.10.

P900 1.04 Update (for OS X 10.9 and later) available in downloads section

P900 1.04 Update: Supports OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later. There are some minor visual differences when running on 10.9, in particular patch cables will not look as good. Holding down command key allows for high precision knob adjustments. Holding down command key and selecting an input plug will highlight the connected patch cable. Modified […]

P900 1.03 Update available in downloads section

P900 1.03 Update: Each rack row is now 12 slots wide. Older patches are compatible but module locations are affected. The AU view menu options have been deprecated (only Logic supported them). The windowing options are now available in the main plugin menu instead – for all hosts. Added menu option to “dim” patch cords. […]

P900 1.02 Update available in downloads section

1.02 Update: Sets up defaults for better compatibility with most hosts out of the box, for “Host Preferences”. Pressing tab-key will toggle translucent patch cords on/off (app canvas must have focus). This is a quick way to see anything obscured by the patch cords. The state is persistent.

P900 1.01 Update available in downloads section

1.01 Update: Fixes numerous glitches with graphical module installation/editing. Adds a “Host Preferences” option for host compatibility. Set once per host. The “Use Layers” option is enabled by default is what should be used for for Logic, MainStage, AULab. Fixes for issues with Patch Notes display. Fixed 8-voice polyphonic mode UI switch, which sometimes failed.