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Lose weight. Stop wasting time on social media. Read more books. Ok, let’s cut the chase and go for goals we can actually accomplish, Here are the Pulsar Modular team 2023 resolutions:

P42 Climax

We have released P42 v4.13 which has addressed a major bug of messing up the recall of HPF and proportional Q, if/when used. We highly recommend that you upgrade immediately if using v4.

We hope you are enjoying the P42 infrasonic HPF (accessible from the help menu) as it delivers depth and control to your bottom end (Mastering Engineers, you are welcome!).

We disabled the Shift-drag in this version (Input drive vs Main Out), since we found each DAW behaves differently. We plan to rework the logic and implement it in the next update.

Input Drive now goes to +24 dB instead of +12 dB. This was a feature requested by users that wanted “more” thickness! (Please note, that with the new implementation of the INPUT KNOB going up to +24 dB instead of +12, if you have automation on the INPUT KNOB, then the automation values will be different. Again, this will only affect automation on the Input Knob- if automated).

P565 SIREN Filter Set

We really think SIREN is a hidden treasure for mix engineers and even for stem mastering. You can create movement in your tracks in a few easy steps. SIREN can also take your plastic sounding soft-synths and give them that needed grit.

For 2023, our resolution is to add more filter types, like Sallen Key, Transistor Ladder LPF etc…

We also plan to do some Youtube videos showcasing SIREN in action.

Lunar Lander- Analog BBD Delay and Plate Reverb

This was our first entry plugin in the market. It is overdue for a major overhaul. Expect new features, enhanced current features and a new GUI.

P914 Fixed Filter Bank

Same like Lunar Lander. Major overhaul coming to this plugin. It will borrow the LPF and HPF with resonance from SIREN. It will have enhanced and smooth knob movement (for automation) and new GUI.

ZORBA Soft Synth

During development we decided to create it as a one encompassing synth, as such, it will be mono, 4 and 8 note polyphonic synthesizer.

Our humble opinion is you need to hide your hardware analog synths (or sell them)… because Zorba will devour them for breakfast! [play JAWS theme music here]

Mastering EQ?

Yes, it is coming as well. Details will follow soon.

As we said, our resolutions for 2023 are goals we can actually accomplish!


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