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What we all have been waiting for! Now through July 4, there will be a 25% discount on all our products.

Our Australian users told us that the tax return ends on June 30 and wanted to take advantage of the sale. As such, we are starting today the “Hotter Than July” campaign. Our next sale will be on Black Friday Nov. 25th 2022.

In other news, we will now honor one additional 40-days trial request (instead of 2). The claim that plugins are disposable and every few months are replaceable by new shiny plugins (with rave reviews by YouTube influencers) has been busted. P42 Climax has been on the market for nearly a year and we only had 3 requests for owner transfer (which is free of charge, in case you didn’t know).

For those who purchased our products during the month of June and got the Pulsar Modular T-shirt, we hope to hear from you. Are you happy with the quality, the idea, do you like to see more of such promotional items?

The status of P565 SIREN Filter Set is moving along and today we release a more stable build, v0.9.93 – You can download from the P565 SIREN page. The User guides in German and English have been updated. Until we reach v1.0, either use P565 on test projects or bounce/print P565 tracks.

Finally, the much anticipated P11 ABYSS compressor will go on pre-order sometime in July with a hefty discount of 35% with the privilege of accessing early builds. We plan to update Lunar Lander, P914 and P42 during the month of July.