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    We do not create software that is designed to compete with the many cookbook plugins. We design and build audio processing routines that surpass what is possible in the hardware world. Hardware vendors are our competition, not audio plugin vendors. And we don’t even try to copy a hardware design but instead design our own unique products.

    We have a loyalty tier program that you automatically enter as you accumulate purchased Pulsar Modular products. First time buyers who buy more than one plugin, immediately gets loyalty discount on his order.

    • %15 > $179
    • %20 > $450
    • %25 > $750
    • %30 > $1000

    and three announced discount sales per year (in general, loyalty program does not work with these 3 announced sales but we make exceptions from time to time). This is our guarantee to our customers. What this means to you is that if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to sell your license to another user, rest assured your plugin will have retained much of its value. In that way, the total cost of ownership is a very reasonable proposition. Incidentally, transfers are free (Others usually ask a $25 per transfer).