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The subject of this contract is the sale-delivery of the product specified below to the BUYER, in 

accordance with the Law No 6502 Concerning the Protection of the Consumer and the 

Regulation of Distant Sales, concerning the sale and delivery of the product, the qualities and 

selling price of which are presented below, and that is sold by the SELLER to the BUYER over 

the internet site https://pulsarmodular.com, and the statement of the rights and obligations 

of the Parties in this matter. 


SELLER: Pulsar Novation Bilgisayar Programcılık Hizmetleri Ticaret Limited Şirketi 

Address: Demircikara Mah. 


Phone: (+90) 530 111 49 07 

Email: [email protected] 


The type, kind, amount, Selling Price and Delivery Information of the product subject to contract 

are specified below. 

Product Description: Digital product which called soft-synth. 


Price (VAT Included): 139 EURO per 1 

Payment Method: Online Debit/Credit Card 

Billing Address: 


4.1. THE BUYER , declares that he/she confirms electronically that the product on the internet 

site www.pulsarmodular.com will be delivered with the basic qualities, the selling price including 

all taxes and the specified payment method will be paid by the BUYER, that he/she has read and 

understood the preliminary information concerning delivery time, commercial name of the 

SELLER, its registered address and contact information. 

4.2. THE BUYER, by confirming this contract electronically, confirms that he/she accurately and 

completely received the information, basic features of the ordered product, and the tax-inclusive 

prices of products, delivery information and right of withdrawal and the content of the right of 

withdrawal prior to the execution of this contract. 

4.3. THE BUYER hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she has read and understood 

all other preliminary information that are legally mandatory to be present due to the Law No 6502 

Concerning the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation of Distant Sales and that he/she 

provided the required confirmation from the web site www.pulsarmodular.com electronically. 

4.3. The product subject to contract, will be delivered within the period specified on the web site 

to the BUYER or the person/organization he/she indicates. 

4.5. The SELLER is responsible to deliver the product intact, complete, in conformance with the 

qualities specified in the order, and along with its user’s manuals. 

4.6. If the relevant bank or financing institution does not pay the product’s price to the SELLER 

following the product’s delivery, because the BUYER’s credit card, banking card, debit card and ⁄ 

or other payment methods on the Internet Site are used by unauthorized persons unjustly or 

unlawfully; the license of the BUYER will be canceled. 

4.7. In the event of any problems with the delivery of the product, the SELLER must notify the 


4.8. The SELLER has the right to cancel the purchases if there is a problem with the products. 

4.9. The BUYER has to pay the full price of the Product before delivery, unless otherwise agreed 

upon in writing by the SELLER. If the Product price is not paid to the SELLER in full for single 

installment sales, or the installment that is due is not paid on time for multiple installment sales, 

the SELLER has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and refuse to deliver the Product. 

4.10. If, for any reason, the Bank/financial institution that owns the credit card used for payment 

does not pay the Product price to the SELLER or requests the return of the payment after the 

delivery of the Product, the SELLER will be cancel the license. 

4.11. Once the order is completed, the digital product is delivered instantly via email.


Since the 14-day demo is free of charge, the BUYER has no right to withdraw. The legal process 

expires after 14 days. After this process, the BUYER may have completed the process without 

making payment. 


The intellectual-commercial rights and property rights of any content or information belonging to 

the INTERNET SITE and the editing, revision and use of part/whole of the same belong to the 


The SELLER reserves the right to make any modifications that it may deem necessary 

concerning the above; these modifications enter into force on the moment when they are 

announced by the SELLER on the INTERNET SITE or other appropriate methods. 


This Contract is subject to the laws of the Turkish Legal regulations. The Consumer Arbitration 

Committees and the Consumer Courts in the SELLER’s region have exclusive jurisdiction up to 

the value set by the Republic of Turkey Trade Ministry in the execution of this contract. In case 

the order is approved, the BUYER is considered to have agreed to all the conditions of this contract.