After The Dust Has Settled!

Simply Wow! We had a great run through this 4 day sales event. Top mix and mastering engineers and audiophile users took the plunge and bought into P42 Climax, some added Lunar Lander and few took no prisoners and went for P914 FFB, as well! So again, thank you all for making Pulsar Modular spring […]

The Black Friday Sale

We would like to wish all our American users a Happy Thanksgiving. The trend that started in the USA has spread around the world- the Black Friday sale. Our sale will start in a few hours and run through “Cyber” Monday. There will be no further sales for this year. However, we have integrated clever […]

P42 Climax V2.0 Released

In this update, you have real-time Gain Compensation Calculation (GCC) and Meter switch. With many mastering engineers finding P42 useful in mastering, we have implemented an extensive set of metering within P42; Peak Hold, RMS, RMS Peak and LUFS values. Discount Pricing & Loyalty Program: We will be having a discount on our products from […]

P914 FFB V1.5.2 Update Released

P914 FFB plug-in

P914 Fixed Filter Bank now runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 chip. A/B preset holder for better comparison and patch design has been implemented. Optimized GUI. Discount Pricing: Owners of P42 Climax or P914FFB can login to their account (or at checkout login) then Lunar Lander will reflect a 35% discount. It is a hidden […]

P42 Climax V1.9 Update Released

As you might know, using HPF and LPF in the analog or digital world introduce a slight phase shift to the signal. The phase changes based on the frequency settings on the filters. While it is part of the music creation and tone shaping, several mastering engineers, who are also using P42 Climax in a […]

P42 Climax Discount Campaign

Reciprocal Altruism 20% Discount Campaign Say what? This type of altruism is based on a mutual give-and-take relationship. It involves helping another person now because they may one day (in our case, same or next day) be able to return the favor. We would have loved not to use such tactics. We don’t have the […]

P42 Climax V1.8 Update Released

There will be an announcement on Friday for a discount code on P42. In this version, we have extended the functionality of P42 without sacrificing compatibility or underlying engine sound of previous versions. The only difference is that HPF starts at 15 Hz instead of 10 Hz. Projects that had 10Hz, would open with 15 […]

P42 V1.7 Release

There will be several new features coming to P42 Climax this Tuesday. HPF up to 500 HZ. 2 types of filters (original Rev A= smooth and round, new Rev B= punchy and aggressive). AIR freq. point variable from 5 KHz to 12 KHz. Up to +12 dB DRIVE knob (adds another level of saturation at […]

Lunar Lander V2.1.2 Released

BBD delay, plate reverb, saturation plugin

We had an issue with the update, and as such, if you have downloaded yesterday or today the update or the demo, please download and replace with this version. Monday, we expect a new update for P42 Climax! Download latest version v2.1.2 from the Lunar Lander Webpage.

Lunar Lander V2.1.1 Released

BBD delay, plate reverb, saturation plugin

Lunar Lander has two sources for noise. The noise from the Delay module when you increase the BBD, and the other noise is the floor noise level of the “machine”. The GUI now shows clearly the noise section, with a screw labeled “noise” which only affects the BBD noise. The other is a switch to […]