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2023 Resolution

Lose weight. Stop wasting time on social media. Read more books. Ok, let’s cut the chase and go for goals we can actually accomplish, Here are the Pulsar Modular team 2023 resolutions: P42 Climax We have released P42 v4.13 which has addressed a major bug of messing up the recall of HPF and proportional Q, […]


No Patent pending, no patent registered, no acronyms trumpeting our DSP circuits, no fanfare Influencers’ reviews, no awards, no standard marketing practices, no psychological pricing tactics… simply word of mouth and the GS community. And today, P42 Climax landed a review in an Italian pro audio e-zine. Click to read the full interview.     […]

November Standoff

First, a thank you and hats off to Marc Daniel Nelson for his recent recommendation of P42 Climax in his YouTube video “My 5 Favourite Mix Buss Plugins” which has brought us lots of trial signup accounts. We all know that many of you are waiting for Black Friday campaign (Starts Nov. 25 through Nov. […]

P565 SIREN Filter-Set v1.0 Official Release

P565 SIREN v1.0 is officially out. We have been intrigued by the MU-Tron III and similar guitar pedals, so SIREN design was extended to cover these sounds associated with funk. The range and extended parameters offered by SIREN will allow you to cover myriad filter pedals and generate more unique timbres, as well. We thank […]

Hotter Than July

What we all have been waiting for! Now through July 4, there will be a 25% discount on all our products. Our Australian users told us that the tax return ends on June 30 and wanted to take advantage of the sale. As such, we are starting today the “Hotter Than July” campaign. Our next […]

June’s Standoff

We all know that many of you are waiting for the 25% sale during the “Hotter Than July” campaign (Starts July 1 through July 4). So we are throwing you a curve to get things moving during the month of June. During this month and while supplies last, we will mail you a Pulsar Modular […]

P42 Climax Official V3 Release

Finally we are comfortable to release v3.84 for all users of the official v2.0.4, as well as, for all those who did beta testing with v3.x and recently, with those that downloaded new trials. If you have modified the P42 presets, then uncheck the Preset Folder when installing the new version (so as not to […]

After The Dust Has Settled!

Simply Wow! We had a great run through this 4 day sales event. Top mix and mastering engineers and audiophile users took the plunge and bought into P42 Climax, some added Lunar Lander and few took no prisoners and went for P914 FFB, as well! So again, thank you all for making Pulsar Modular spring […]

The Black Friday Sale

We would like to wish all our American users a Happy Thanksgiving. The trend that started in the USA has spread around the world- the Black Friday sale. Our sale will start in a few hours and run through “Cyber” Monday. There will be no further sales for this year. However, we have integrated clever […]