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P900 1.2

P900 version 1.2 is a maintenance release, and includes the following: Fixed velocity for legato mode. No longer fixed to 100. Removed automatic license dialog pop up. This could cause a total lock up on some systems. Now it’s necessary to manually bring up the license dialog to activate a license. Added tiny randomisation to […]

P900 1.014 Beta

P900 1.014 is a beta release available here. It includes the following: MIDI Learn.  This is a new option available in the menu. Position the mouse over a GUI control, choose “MIDI Learn” from the menu, then move a MIDI control and it will be automatically assigned to the GUI control. The MIDI configuration is saved […]

P900 1.013 Beta

P900 1.013 is a beta release available here. It includes the following: Fix for DAW clock synchronisation, correct start/reset. Resolves issues with LEDs left on in the 937. Changes naming of 937 row outputs from “Shift” to “Gate”. Fixes for menus/rack preview to respect module instance limitations. Fix for external clock input. Do not use DAW […]

P900 1.0.11 Update

P900 1.011 is available here. It includes the following: Revised patch connection work flow. Simply clicking on an input plug will now highlight its connection. Command-click is no longer needed. To disconnect, drag out a cable a little bit with no new connection. It’s also possible to establish a new connection directly without first disconnecting. Any […]