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Know Your Tools

In my old days when studying music synthesis, we used to challenge ourselves how quickly we can deliver sounds like thunder, heart beat, chopper or a siren from our analog synths. When you don’t know your tools, you tend to purchase new instruments/plugins to deliver particular behavior and sound. But in many cases, if you […]

P440 Sweet Spot EQ Official Release

Enter P440 Sweet Spot Mastering EQ… audio sorcery knows no bounds. P440 seemingly guides itself and intuitively delivers the right magic for each situation, whether that is for use on a track, a group, a stem, a 2-bus or a final mix. With P440 EQ, Pulsar Modular continues along its upward trajectory, consistently creating plugins […]

Leap Of Faith P440 Release

First, we would like to thank all you “Leapers” for buying into P440 Sweet Spot EQ. You purchased without seeing it, without using it and even without hearing it! This is the highest compliment we can receive. We were planning never to offer early access to our audio plugins, aka. masterpieces, but in the end, […]

April Fool’s Day

An annual custom on 1st of April consisting of practical jokes and hoaxes. Mass media can be involved in these pranks, which may be revealed as such the following day. That being said, we have some really honest news to tell you. All our products are discounted 25% on April 1st. No need for a […]

After The Storm

We are happy to have made so many Best Friends Forever after our last campaign, that was a total success. We have gained many Italian users and as a thank you gesture, we have worked with Andy Cappellato – RECnMIX Chief Editor, to produce the Italian User Guide. We also thank Sarah De Carlo for […]

Best Friends Forever

Now through February 5, you can be BFF with our company and plugins when you apply the discount code: BFF2023 and get a 33% discount code on all our products. All new users that already purchased our products during this month will receive a discount coupon for the difference- so they will also be our […]

2023 Resolution

Lose weight. Stop wasting time on social media. Read more books. Ok, let’s cut the chase and go for goals we can actually accomplish, Here are the Pulsar Modular team 2023 resolutions: P42 Climax We have released P42 v4.13 which has addressed a major bug of messing up the recall of HPF and proportional Q, […]


No Patent pending, no patent registered, no acronyms trumpeting our DSP circuits, no fanfare Influencers’ reviews, no awards, no standard marketing practices, no psychological pricing tactics… simply word of mouth and the GS community. And today, P42 Climax landed a review in an Italian pro audio e-zine. Click to read the full interview.     […]

November Standoff

First, a thank you and hats off to Marc Daniel Nelson for his recent recommendation of P42 Climax in his YouTube video “My 5 Favourite Mix Buss Plugins” which has brought us lots of trial signup accounts. We all know that many of you are waiting for Black Friday campaign (Starts Nov. 25 through Nov. […]