Tom Phillips
A&R for Cruz Del Sur Music, Rock School Coach at ROAM, Curator of all things While Heaven Wept
The reality is Lunar Lander gives me the same impressions as my hardware.
Glen Nicholls
Producer, re-Mixer, Composer
The P900 is the best sounding plugin synth I have used! The reverb is insane too!!! Just try it and you will hear
Jérémie Regnier
Parisian-based composer, producer and performer
I am stuck on Lunar Lander – so much cream – Wow!
Music Producer, Guitarist, Composer
Lunar Lander is a perfect tool for a quick creative delay and reverb effect on any track, I use it when I want to add character to a sound.
DJ HEAR artist profile
DJ, Label Owner

Simply put, Lunar Lander sounds amazing!