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Anita Yung

Anita Yung

Sound Designer Film/TV, Animation & Video Games

Anita Yung is a Canadian Sound Designer for film/TV, animation and video games. Based in Toronto and Vancouver, Anita is originally a voice actor by trade. After working on the anime series, Black Jack (2017 reboot), and NHK’s WakuWaku Be Ponkickies, Anita would officially transition to audio post-production.

Combining her experiences in front and behind the mic, Anita’s love for storytelling is a trait that can be found at the base of all her audio works.

In 2019, Anita would go on to produce and sound design the radio-short, Desperation, and later, the independent animation series, Around The Block.

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Anita graced us with 3 custom presets for Lunar Lander; Attempting Contact, Adrift and Gravity of Home.

Preset description, in Anita’s own words:

  • Attempting Contact – Throwback to the retro UFO warble. A bright, fun, and modern take on a classic childhood memory of a UFO animation sound effect.

  • CDR Sutherland – Named in honor after Anita’s synth mentor and good friend, David Sutherland. Inspired by the thought of floating farther from Mission Control before disappearing. It may seem like a light effect, however it gives a sense of growing distance and solitude. Holding onto of the last sound of our ship until it disappears into the stars. Increase the Regen for more trailing.

  • Gravity of Home – Written for astronauts that are missing home. An airy and almost heavenly effect. No matter how it’s used, this effect adds an emotion of nostalgia and longing to return home.