P455 MDN Sidecar+P450 EQ Bundle

Marc and Ken


The P455 MDN Sidecar is a summing and 2-bus mixing and mastering audio plugin capturing the analog chain of  Marc Daniel Nelson, a two-time Grammy and French Academy Award-nominated mixing engineer, music producer, creative director and educator.

The P455 delivers Marc’s analog workflow which includes analog summing, tube driven stereo imaging, 2-bus punchy stereo EQ, custom glue 2-bus compressor and the unique character of two high end analog to digital converters. 

The P455 MDN Sidecar isn’t just a plugin; it’s a calibrated blend of Marc’s seasoned approach and Pulsar Modular progressive audio design with focus on musicality at each step of the signal path. 

For years, Marc Daniel Nelson has been openly and graciously sharing his techniques and expertise. He is now taking this a step further and delivering his signature sound to you, without restrictions or compromise, through the P455 MDN Sidecar and P450 MDN EQ audio plugins.


P455 MDN Sidecar
  • Summing without need to insert a plugin on each channel.
  • Different routings and options for a true analog workflow experience.
  • Custom 2-bus compressor.
  • 2-bus stereo proportional EQ.
  • Two ADC emulations.
  • 4 bands EQ with stepped frequency and gain.
  • Low & High Shelf- stepped.
  • Gain Multiplier to cover alternative gain and Q.
  • Op-amp behavior and signature punch.
An audio plugin emulating an analog desk with volume fader, equalizer, compressor and VU meters.


Audio Examples


Supported Plugin Formats
AU, VST3, AAX (Apple Silicon ready).

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.13+ Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)
Windows 10+ x64-compatible CPU

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.


P455 MDN Sidecar

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Bundled with P450 MDN EQ, a dedicated mono/stereo stepped frequency & gain 2-bus punchy equalizer.

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  1. HUGE Masterpirce Sound ERA!!!!!!
    This sound texture will revolutionize the plug-in world in the future.

  2. Feels like putting on my reading glasses. Everything pops into HD and 3D. A very elegant sounding plugin. Smooth yet full on flavour. When I bypass all the instances, my mix just loses “something” that I can’t fully describe in words. It’s like finding the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Finally the picture is complete. Well done gentlemen.

  3. Absolutely awesome! How did you do this?!

  4. I promised myself…no more plugins. And then you release this masterpiece. I have never heard such clarity and depth in audio. Each component of the mix remains separate and distinct while the mix itself remains in perfect balance. I have been searching for this elusive “glue” for decades and you have nailed it! Thank you and congratulations!

DISCLAIMER: The intellectual property rights, including names, logos, and trademarks associated with studio equipment and accessory brands, including API, belong to their respective owners and are not affiliated with Pulsar Modular or Marc Daniel Nelson. This plugin is designed to replicate the unique audio equalization, compression, and summing envisioned by Pulsar Modular and Marc Daniel Nelson. Any use of names, logos, or trademarks is solely for identification purposes to illustrate the hardware chain and audio workflow that inspired this product.