P11 ABYSS Audio Compressor


P11 Abyss is a chameleon audio compressor that can go ultra clean competing against the cleanest of mastering compressors or super dirty to compete against the best of the color compressors.

Modern producers, engineers and artists should not be constrained by the need to understand different characteristics offered by the multitude of physical compressor topologies. They should not need to project and translate that information into selecting the right tool for the right purpose. One would choose VCA when seeking deep, aggressive punch; Opto for clean, open, smooth action; Vari Mu for flowing, rhythmic pulsing.

Abyss casts physically imposed rules and constraints completely aside, allowing it to masterfully exhibit any characteristic that is desired. Aggressive, punchy, smooth, open, breathy, dense, clean, dirty… it’s all here at your fingertips. Abyss fulfills the dream of having a direct connection with the audio without being mired in technicalities.

Dive in and experience the infinite colors, hues and characters Abyss beautifully draws out of your audio. It is very much designed to be equally at home on individual tracks and instruments, group buses, returns and main buses. It is designed to fulfill all mixing, stem and stereo mastering needs.

Now, more than ever – Pulsar Modular – The sound is unbelievable.


  • Organic hardware-like feel & behavior.
  • Covers the sound of all compressor topologies.
  • Unique audio circuit designs: SOUL, PSI and O2.
  • Less than 1% cpu usage and zero sample latency!
  • All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.
  • Clipper routing and  Brickwall limiter.
  • AU, AAX and VST3 formats. LV2 coming soon.


Audio Examples


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.12+
Windows 10+

Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.


Latest User Guides


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For previously authorized computers

  • Metering Bug fix.
  • AAX for Windows authorized.
  • Phasing issue with OS Vintage mode using Class A transformer


  • v1.0.5 Fixed issue related to External Sidechain (in particular for Reaper).


  • Moved to JUCE 7 framework for faster optimized GUI rendering.
  • CPU optimization
  • AAX M1 ready.
  • Abyss now works under the DAW PYRAMIX for Windows.
  • Over a hundred instances of Abyss can run in your session without a hiccup.


40-Day Free Trial

To start your 40-day fully functional trial for 2 computers, Press the "add to cart" Trial button and complete the checkout. Follow the instructions you will get by email. No dongle required.

With every full version purchase, a gift of custom handmade real calf hide wallet (lighter, softer and finer grain than cowhide) made here in Türkiye by a local artisan shop.

(15 customer reviews)


  • USD: $342
  • TRY: 6.431 ₺


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  1. Really liking this compressor. Glad we made the “leap of faith” while in early stages of development and got to see and experience the features while it was being developped.

    We like the fact that it covers a vary wide range of uses and scenarios and how versatile it is thanks to its extensive feature set and setting capabilities. However, for the very same reason, its learning curve is somewhat steeper, as you have to learn, understand and test around with many more features and settings. But once passed the learning curve, this comp becomes a real workhorse, replacing many others in your toolbox.

    I do however agree on a previous comment, suggesting to add in a future update a Peak or RMS toggle for the detection circuit (to switch from its current RMS detection mode to a Peak detection mode), or even a knob that gradually scales between Peak or RMS detection.

    Overall, a great plugin by a great and devoted team! Props!

  2. P11 Abyss has a fairly complicated architecture which gives it the ability to cover many styles of compression. It has been replacing other compressors for me as I have been doing shootouts. Because of its flexible architecture, it can be a little daunting at first. This is made up for in wide palate of sounds as well as having one of the best manuals I’ve seen in a plugin.

    The Pulsar Modular team put in a lot of hours doing comparisons and has provided many presets which dial Abyss into the neighborhood of world class hardware compressors. I use these as templates to start dialing in my own sound.

    Dig in to all the rich tone features and cornucopia of controls-I’ve decided to invest much more into really understanding this compressor-which has led me out of the cycle of new compressor desire and into the much better position of mastering just this one. I do still have a few others for very particular cases, but it is helping me narrow down and be more productive in recording. Because of Abyss, I’m skipping expanding my hardware compressors. It really is that good.

    Buy in to Pulsar Modular is high, but there is a loyalty system and definitely follow the threads on the forums as there are opportunities in them (especially for people sharing tips). Don’t forget the transformer saturation…Pulsar know how to do saturation (P42 and Siren too!). This is magic on a drum bus.

  3. I am impressed with Abyss, mostly as a mixing tool. I find that Abyss is a fantastic multi-purpose compressor. I have it set up in my mixing template for most of my tracks, which seems to save me time and makes the process more enjoyable since I could replace several different compressors with this one. I have also had great success using it during stem mastering sessions.

  4. As usual with Pulsar Modular the quality of the plugin is top,
    this is now my 1st choice when I need a compressor for my mixes.
    Highly recommended

  5. Since starting my journey with Pulsar Modular I’ve found many of my wealth of mixing tools have been reduced to residing in my digital storage box. This journey started off with P42 climax, then Lunar Lander, P565 Siren and most recently P11 Abys. Now at least a couple of these beautiful tools gets used on every mix I do. I’ve found P11 Abyss a real joy to use as I find it very easy to dial in the sound I’m after quickly. It feels to me like I’m using hardware but with the advantages of digital plugin. And it’s a real chameleon, giving me fast results and with a tiny cpu footprint. Quite simply of the 25 of more compressors I own P11 Abyss is without doubt king. Don’t miss out and give it a go.