Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in


Breathtaking bucket-brigade Device (BBD) analog delay, plate reverbs (3 sizes) and Class A and Class A/B saturation emulation plugin. Easy to use 3-in-1 combo guitar-like pedal.

We all know the delicate tweaks needed to get a sound to “sit” in the mix. The name of this plugin, Lunar Lander, came about from the easiness of getting this task done.

Primarily designed for guitarists or to tame your aggressive analog synthesizers to sit in the mix, but you will find it working well with just about any other sound source. Put it on your plastic sounding soft synth, and crank the saturation up, and transform your Chihuahua synth to a Dobermann Synth 🙂

Try Tap Tempo your bpm and crank up the regenerate knob on the BBD Delay Module and get the track grooving. You can switch the signal path to go first through either the BBD Delay or Plate Reverb.

Try Lunar Lander on Bass Guitar and get that larger than life sound. Do you want that 80s soaking reverb sound? Switch to Plate 3 and you are there in a second.


  • Organic feel & behavior.
  • Precise modeling of BBD Analog Delay.
  • Three Plate Reverbs.
  • Class A amplification: excellent linearity, high gain, low signal distortion levels and accent the transients.
  • Class A/B amplification for saturation and color.
  • Flip Analog Delay and Reverb modules in the signal chain.
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control for both Delay and Reverb units for some cool creative effects.
  • One knob Ducking.
  • Works with Mono or Stereo signal.
  • All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.
  • Zero latency!
  • macOS: AU, AAX and VST3 formats.
  • Windows: VST3 and AAX formats.


Audio Examples


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.12+
Windows 8+

Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.


Latest User Guide


For previously authorized computers

  • Lunar Lander is now M1 compatible.


  • Floor Noise lowered from -95 dB to -110 dB
  • Switch to turn off Floor Noise.


  • LPF in the BBD Delay Module.
  • Delay Sync Mod. Rate to Clock Rate.


  • Sync Delay/repeats to DAW tempo with sub-divisions.
  • User accessibility to many parameters of the Plate Reverb engine.


  • Triplet BBD delay feature added.
  • Two new presets to showcase the Triplet feature.
  • Bug fix when copying the plugin to another track.


BBD delay, plate reverb, saturation plugin


Free with In-App purchases. (AUv3 and Standalone). Scan the QR Code from your iOS device or click on the download icon.

40-Day Free Trial

To start your 40-day fully functional trial for 2 computers, Press the "add to cart" Trial button and complete the checkout. Follow the instructions you will get by email. No dongle required.

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Bucket-brigade Device (BBD) analog delay, plate reverb and saturation plugin.


  • EUR: € 130
  • TRY: 2,288 ₺


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  1. Peter Martin (verified owner)

    I originally noticed this plugin with a really cool GUI and high price tag come across the gearslutz New Product alert when it was originally released. There was an excellent youtube demo done by a British guitarist that showcased the musical and immersive sound capabilities of this tool.

    Sound – I own many delay plugins and have a few small bits of kit, and this tool is hands sound the most musical sounding plugin delay in my toolbox. Even though you can completely wash out a synth, or voice, compared to other ITB tools it doesn’t get pushed back or smeared in a negaltive way to allow the sonic personality of what an artists intention can be. So many times I’d imagine creating sound scapes or utilizing creative delay in the past and when soloed the sound works, but falls apart in the mix. LunarLander does no such thing.

    You can break down each individual component section and consider this tool as 3-5 differnt unique plugins in one set. Sometimes only using the modulation and a little drive after another developers delay, or reverb to add organic movement, but you don’t want to use the onboard BBD or reverb processors. Speaking of the reverb, highly advise automating and modulating those parameters, and is the only ITB reverb where you can completely wash out a sound but doesn’t fall apart in the mix.

    The delay portions are very fun an become apart of the sound itself and when combined with all of the other sections of the plugin (even sometimes some parameters may be extremely subtle) make you want to play through the thing for hours. Anything you throw at it, hit record and really see what this thing is made of, it’s made to be played and not be a static “set and forget” type of tool, but it can be that too.

    GUI – Normally I’m not into skeumorphic design, and mainly like very minimal, flat, and vector based GUIs. LunarLander is a really beautiful blend of showcasing what the tool sounds like from a visual aspect – bad ass. At first glance it seemed a bit foreign, well, since it was a new tool from a new developer to me it took no time at all to put the tool through it’s paces. Everything is logically laid out and the only omission would be tool-tips for beginners that don’t want to crack the manual (unless I missed that). Wasn’t a bother as the manuals written by the developer explain everything without too much fuss. Basically spend 10 minutes with the manual and play with some knobs and kiss a good two hours of very fun experimentation.

    Overall – Well worth the price of admission and really has a ‘hardware’ musical tone and creative ability. Extremely excited to hear this developers take on compression, as if it’s any indication of my two new purchases – LunarLander and P42, I specifically didn’t want the discount and figured the developer would put the additional resources to creating new tools faster. This developer is one to watch and listen for now and in the future.

    Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-inLunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in

  2. sunarktik (verified owner)

    I certainly don’t hear any annoying metallic or digital artefacts from Lunar Lander! It is just as good as I can hear on countless records I love! Pure! Pure reverb on any settings (1, 2 or 3).
    This app (I use iOS version) BBD dial really brings joy to my ears, can hear a saturation from input gain too! Great piece of software for music enthusiasts!!! 

    Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-inLunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in

  3. Christopher Coates (verified owner)

    Lunar Lander is a brilliant concept pairing a custom plate reverb with an analog style delay. You can swap signal path between the two (Very Nice!) they both add an otherworldly feel to the sound and can be used to add character and create interest to a dry sound OR completely warp a sound or even a percussive track. LL has a tempo sync feature, allows various rhythmic patterns (dotted/triplet) in addition to a mod sync which is almost synth like. I love this device, hard not to over use it 🙂

    Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-inLunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in

  4. gernot (verified owner)

    I am speechless. 5 stars (only because there is no 6 star rating). It sounds like it is really in my rack.

    Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-inLunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in

  5. carloalberto rigo

    Just bought it and what could I say.

    This plugin is really a true gift.

    I don’t know what’s behind the secret formula of this plugin but I eded up using Lunar Lander on everything, from drum and synths to the final mix of my tracks.

    I have tons of delay, reverber, saturator but this one is so easy to use and so light on the cpu.

    I love the thickness of the sound and the character that it add. True grit.
    The app recently received a lot of free upgrade and from what I see the dev i
    s really responsive to user base requests which is for me a real plus in this crowded plugins market.

    Sicne there is a free 20 days trial all I can say is download yourself and listen with your ears. Pure bliss.

    Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-inLunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in