Lunar Lander- BBD Delay, Plate Reverb plug-in


Breathtaking bucket-brigade Device (BBD) analog delay, plate reverbs (3 sizes) and Class A and Class A/B saturation emulation plugin. Easy to use 3-in-1 combo guitar-like pedal.

We all know the delicate tweaks needed to get a sound to “sit” in the mix. The name of this plugin, Lunar Lander, came about from the easiness of getting this task done.

Primarily designed for guitarists or to tame your aggressive analog synthesizers to sit in the mix, but you will find it working well with just about any other sound source. Put it on your plastic sounding soft synth, and crank the saturation up, and transform your Chihuahua synth to a Dobermann Synth :)

Try Tap Tempo your bpm and crank up the regenerate knob on the BBD Delay Module and get the track grooving. You can switch the signal path to go first through either the BBD Delay or Plate Reverb.

Try Lunar Lander on Bass Guitar and get that larger than life sound. Do you want that 80s soaking reverb sound? Switch to Plate 3 and you are there in a second.


  • Organic feel & behavior.
  • Precise modeling of BBD Analog Delay.
  • Three Plate Reverbs.
  • Class A amplification: excellent linearity, high gain, low signal distortion levels and accent the transients.
  • Class A/B amplification for saturation and color.
  • Flip Analog Delay and Reverb modules in the signal chain.
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control for both Delay and Reverb units for some cool creative effects.
  • One knob Ducking.
  • Works with Mono or Stereo signal.
  • All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.
  • Zero latency!
  • macOS: AU, AAX and VST3 formats.
  • Windows: VST3 and AAX formats.


Audio Examples


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.14+ (Lunar Lander currently is not compatible with Apple Ventura OS. Upcoming v2 will be.)
Windows 8+

Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.


Latest User Guide


For previously authorized computers

  • Lunar Lander is now M1 compatible.
  • (Windows version is still 2.1.2)
  • Lunar Lander is not compatible with Ventura 13.2.21.


  • Floor Noise lowered from -95 dB to -110 dB
  • Switch to turn off Floor Noise.


  • LPF in the BBD Delay Module.
  • Delay Sync Mod. Rate to Clock Rate.


  • Sync Delay/repeats to DAW tempo with sub-divisions.
  • User accessibility to many parameters of the Plate Reverb engine.


  • Triplet BBD delay feature added.
  • Two new presets to showcase the Triplet feature.
  • Bug fix when copying the plugin to another track.


BBD delay, plate reverb, saturation plugin


Free with In-App purchases. (AUv3 and Standalone). Scan the QR Code from your iOS device or click on the download icon.

40-Day Free Demo

To start your 40-day fully functional demo for 2 computers, Press the "DEMO" button and complete the checkout. Follow the instructions you will get by email. No dongle required.

(35 customer reviews)

Bucket-brigade Device (BBD) analog delay, plate reverb and saturation plugin.

With every full version purchase, a gift of custom handmade real calf hide wallet (lighter, softer and finer grain than cowhide) made here in Türkiye by a local artisan shop.


  • EUR: € 130
  • TRY: 4.043 ₺


Customer reviews

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  1. Not sure why I hadn’t checked this out before but downloaded the trial and was sold by what I heard, thanks to the Hotter Than July sale I picked it up just a few days ago.
    Done many times by others but few manage to capture the vital essence of plate reverbs &/or BBD delays with the characteristic quality that I now recognise with all PM plug ins. Many of the previous reviews talk about it being organic, alive, natural, rich, depth, clean, saturated, vibe … and yes, it can be all of those – so, it has now become my default for songwriting & production. Next in line will be P565 …. my PM collection is growing!

  2. a killer delay and reverb packed into one.

    If you are a collector of delay reverbs you will want it. and if you don’t have many you will want this too in your arsenal.

    Its very natural sounding like hardware and is a great way to create and add space in your mix.

  3. One of the nicest sounding space boxes on the market. Did a great job in cleaning my delay and reverb plugins folder. Can be used for subtly blending or can go full BOC mode with very dense ambience. Have built-in saturator and ducker. Reverb and delay positions in chain can be swapped. Plate reverb 3 sounds so freaking smooth. All I can say is bravo!
    Of course, PM plugins seems expensive these days, but some of them already saved me a lot on buying new toys.

  4. Lunar Lander is a toolbox of ambience and vibe. It contains probably the most authentic analog BBD (bucket brigade device) delay, three types of plate reverb, and a Class A or A/B output stage.

    The analog delay has all the warm, warble-y (if you want it), and dirty repeats as well as the features to control it. Modulation controls help you dial in movement, Sync of course does what it says, and the BBD control takes you from an ultra clean repeat to a very vintage greasy saturation. It is hard to tell this from my actual high dollar analog units. Being that Pulsar Modular regularly update their plugins and add features, I’m personally hoping for Ping Pong delay to be added.

    The plate reverb is lush and there are three variations. It has a bandpass EQ feature which will narrow the response. If I had a complaint, it would be that it would benefit from separate high and low controls. The character of the reverb is superb and I use it all the time on guitar and drums. The stereo field is great and it adds a lot of depth and vibe.

    The output section adds subtle saturation from either Class A or A/B options. I use it to add warmth and color as though I was running my signal into a tube stage or amp. Overall, I’d recommend this as a first venture into Pulsar Modular plugins. P42 Climax being my favorite.

  5. I took the opportunity to try the Lunar Lander which I had been eyeing for a long time because of the quality of the plug-ins from Pulsar Modular and the possibility of having a 40 day trial period with no limit, is a good way to get an idea.
    The interface (which can be resized) is really nice and I really liked the pedal side of it, being a guitarist I felt really comfortable with it and I used it mainly on acoustic guitars and instruments. Not surprisingly the plug in is quite easy to handle you will find :

    – A BBD (analog voiced) delay
    – A plate reverb modelled on a Lexicon model offering three plate sizes
    – A tube saturation

    Concerning this last one, the Class A allows to have a low distortion while the Class A/B goes much more inside offering a more saturated signal, it works very well.
    I’m not going to be original but once the plug in is engaged we get a very precise sound, a vintage tone.. organic, going from a soft sound to a thicker one thanks to the saturation and there the “magic happens”, there is a real harmonic richness that we find on hardware with character and a warm sound on the Delay as well as on the Reverb (on the latter don’t neglect the Hard Over button which allows to deepen the settings and to obtain a perfect reverb).
    There is also a button that allows you to route the delay into the reverb or the reverb into the delay, which opens up the plug in to even more creative effects.

    I really enjoyed this plug in, the all in one sounding plug in, I must also mention the low CPU overhead 🙂 (thank U).
    The only small drawback is that there is only one type of reverb (I like spring reverbs haha 🙂
    To tell you the truth, I waited for a special offer to buy it but it’s really worth it.
    Try it and see for yourself.