P565 Siren Filter Set


The P565 Siren Filter Set is a merge for the perfect workflow of highly coveted filters from different hardware audio equipment with a unique signature sound that makes it a Pulsar Modular product.
P565 Siren features high and low pass filters with selectable slope and tunable musical resonance that brings you into the realm of some of the most sought after resonant filters and beyond. It also features two notch/peak filters designed for precise adjustment and creative expression. Each of these filters can be dynamically modulated based on an external input signal or the built-in dual envelope followers with fine control over attack, release, amount and speed characteristics. These features accumulate to a powerful creative use that ranges from subtle movement to funky rhythmic enhancement while still covering phasing, flanging and resonance sweeps.
P565 Siren doesn’t stop there. Use the drive to give body, character and dimension to any sound or warp it into overdrive, taking your sound to where no overdrive has gone before!


  • Transformer based emulation.
  • Continuously variable high and low pass filters featuring 12/24 dB/oct slope with resonance  or a signature 18 dB option.
  • Two continuously variable 20 Hz to 20 kHz band filters that can be configured as reject filters or pass filters (option to switch to King Tubby style step filters).
  • Configurable envelope follower to modulate the filter frequency selections.
  • Drive and overdrive options.
  • Intelligent, vintage or HD oversampling options.


Audio Examples

Artist Reviews


Supported Plugin Formats

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.14+
Windows 7+

Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.


Latest User Guide


For previously authorized computers

  • Expanded the Delay circuit and moved to a dedicated Lower horizontal menu bar.


  • Enhanced Drive Circuit and compensation.
  • Clip Indicator and circuit.


  • v2 with upgraded internal engine for a more musical experience.
  • All parameters are accessible from within the GUI.
  • P565 SIREN is the new name of the plugin and will not replace your v1.
  • Free upgrade to all P565 users- please use the same auth. license code.
  • New Alt. LFO circuit with extremely musical resonance sound.
  • BIAS parameter added.


  • Master Volume Screw
  • Update Drive Circuitry
  • Delay on Wet or Dry Signal
  • New presets by Synthient Sound
  • Updated GUI


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Updated resonance gain to reach self oscillation.
  • Better Wah guitar pedal emulation.
  • Please restart computer after installation.


  • M1 compatible.
  • Please restart computer after installation.
  • Funk MU engine implemented.
  • Side-Chain implemented.
  • Addictive!





40-Day Free Demo

To start your 40-day fully functional demo for 2 computers, Press the "DEMO" button and complete the checkout. Follow the instructions you will get by email. No dongle required.

(21 customer reviews)

Superb sounding with enormous sonic possibilities.

With every full version purchase, a gift of custom handmade real calf hide wallet (lighter, softer and finer grain than cowhide) made here in Türkiye by a local artisan shop.


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  1. I have a handful of soft filters which are on my go to list, and this is now in my top 2. Even though to my ears I prefer the sound of a competitors convolution filter, this comes remarkably close and without the latency, automation and performance challenges/limitations of the convolution option.