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We Messed Up Campaign- 25% Discount

First, we would like to thank you all for downloading and using P42 Climax. The sonic pallet P42 brings to the mix is breathtaking; bringing out detail and openness only possible on large analog consoles.

Today we release v1.5 with the following update:

  1. Fix phasing issues when inserting P42 on mono track for DAWs that support Mono tracks (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase).
  2. Zero sample latency implementation.
  3. A Mix knob to blend in the Dry signal.
  4. A polarity flip switch.

We are on the last stage in getting P42 AAX working on Windows.

Please use the following discount code: XPN4WC4H

You can get 25% off your total purchase. Discount code expires next Monday the 20th.

Those who purchased P42 Climax previously (including today) will get an email when we release the next product for a discount code of 35%. While the hardcore fans/users that purchased P42 Climax, on the first day of P42 announcement, will get the upcoming plugin free of charge.