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As you might know, using HPF and LPF in the analog or digital world introduce a slight phase shift to the signal. The phase changes based on the frequency settings on the filters. While it is part of the music creation and tone shaping, several mastering engineers, who are also using P42 Climax in a mastering signal chain, prefer to turn off the filters; hence, introducing only one master HPF and LPF in the mastering signal path.

In version v1.9 you are able now to turn off the filters, if you wish. A slight update to the GUI also finds its way in this version. Higher resolution images and the knobs are more integrated within the theme.

M1 native! Yes, P42 now runs native under the M1 chip. So the Mac installer is a universal installer.

Lastly, we have updated the preset management to properly index presets in case you delete or add presets through the browser/file system.

On our to-do list still, for future update, are:

If you have feature requests- other than asking to change the GUI 😉 do drop us an email. We have worked hard on the User Guide, and we encourage you to check it out by clicking on the ? icon in the plugin and choosing HELP!

Download the latest version from the P42 Climax web page download section.


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