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Please do not use P42 Climax in projects higher than 96 KHz.

Inserting P42 on 192 KHz projects and playing the audio track will peak your VU meter and your DAW will shut down the audio engine momentarily. We hope to address this issue next week.

What is included in this update?

Lunar Lander Noise Floor

Lunar Lander has two sources for noise.

The noise from the Delay module when you increase the BBD, and the other noise is the floor noise level of the “machine”.

Now there is a screw labeled “noise” which only affects the BBD noise. So floor noise at -110dB stays on, all the time.

As users place additional instances of Lunar Lander, the floor noise increases, which might not be desired.

Next week, we will have a Lunar Lander update from v2.1 to v2.1.1 and this will include an on/off switch to turn on or off the Noise Floor. Such implementation will not alter the sound of Lunar Lander – especially important for projects that already have this plugin in use. By default, the new version will have Noise Floor ON for full compatibility with previous versions.