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We hope you are enjoying using Lunar Lander.

We have just released Lunar Lander version 1.6

 In this version, you will see:

1- Efficient coding that lends to zero latency. Yes, you read it correctly; ZERO. So we did not need to relay Delay Compensation to the DAW.

2- Improved GUI

3- Added a new feature- DUCKING. A request sent by many of our users.

4- Addressed issues related to Apple Logic X inserting Lunar Lander as Mono or Dual Mono.

5- Clock Rate display shows one decimal place for better visual accuracy.


We get many requests from users asking for the Clock Rate SYNC to DAW bpm or its sub-division. The design was intended to work as an analog device but we will look into adding this feature in an upcoming release.


If you are running version 1.1, we urgently request that you update your copy (as it introduced phasing when inserted as Mono or Dual Mono in Logic X and had delay compensation issues).


We are now working on an AAX plugin and an iOS version and will be provided free of charge to our customers.


Please download the updated version from the product page at



Your support is much needed and appreciated. Please help us by spreading the word about Pulsar plugins around friends, Audio Forums and  Social Media.