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P914 Fixed Filter Bank

P914 took over a year to develop. Major work and analysis was done at http://analoguerealities.com/my-studio/

6 different 914 clones were used for analysis and behavior. And thanks to Ehsan Gelsi, who has a Moog System 55, helped us move a notch further in modeling the Moog inductor 914FFB. Finding a Moog inductor 914 is a rarity.

P914 v1.1 introduces delaying the L and R signal independently up to 99ms for awesome effects when blended with source signal (at 0ms delay).

Customers of Lunar Lander are invited to try the new P914 Fixed Filter Bank and drop us an email if interested in purchasing it. We will provide them with a 35% discount code.

Original P900 owners can get a 50% discount on the P914 FFB.

Lunar Lander version 2.2 Update

In this version, you will see many added features users requested

  • Lock 2 Daw with subdivisions
  • Sync the Modulation Rate to the Clock Rate (increase limit from 5Hz to 37Hz)
  • LPF that gives you darker delay than the source.
  • Updated graphics for better display on Windows OS
  • Noise screw to control the amount of floor-noise.
  • Enhanced audio engine.

AAX version has been released, while we are a week away from getting the iOS ready, and all Lunar Lander customers will get their copy, free of charge, through a promotion code to download from AppStore.

Please download the updated version from the product page at