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We have finally ported and released Lunar Lander for iOS. It works well on iPhone and iPad running iOS version 13+

Users that purchased the desktop version and would like to get a free license for the iOS, please email support.

In other news, we are a few weeks away from releasing the P565 Filter Set.

We had a good start with iOS, so expect to have P914 and P565 ported to iOS soon.

Pulsar Modular team is excited to be releasing new products that are being appreciated by the music community. But we really need your help, since we are a small company and need people to know about our products. If you have not done so yet, please review our product at


Review for the P914 FFB at


And of course, if you downloaded Lunar Lander for iOS, please review it at the AppStore.

Few innovative products are in the pipeline and we will announce them once we reach beta stage. As for the original P900 virtual synth, we have not forgotten about it and soon we will start working on its different modules.

In general, we do not do by-weekly discounts 🙂 We treat our plugins as real hardware. So the value of your plugin will retain its value over time. And in case you plan to sell it, we do free license transfer to new owner.

Download Lunar Lander For iOS