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Simply Wow! We had a great run through this 4 day sales event. Top mix and mastering engineers and audiophile users took the plunge and bought into P42 Climax, some added Lunar Lander and few took no prisoners and went for P914 FFB, as well!

So again, thank you all for making Pulsar Modular spring fast from obscurity into the limelight.

We promise not to work on new products and forget our current released products. Expect tweaks and feature updates to your current products while maintaining full compatibility with previous versions.

There is a small update we released today for P42 Climax v2.0.1.

In this version, we added GCC as an automation parameter. This way, you can assign GCC to a knob or slider which will come handy when doing live manipulation while needing to stay within the same gain range.

For our German users, you can download the German User Guide from the P42 website or from this link. Future update of P42 will allow you to choose which User Guide language to install.

We will not ask you to review/rate our products on our website (reverse psychology attempt, since asking you to do so did not work). 🙂