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    Our prices are set according to the quality we have achieved with our products. We do not create software that is designed to compete with the many cookbook software offerings available from other vendors today. We design and build audio processing routines that surpass what is possible in the hardware world. Hardware vendors are our competition, not other software vendors.

    We have a loyalty tier program and two announced 25% discount sales per year. This is our guarantee to our customers. What this means to you is that if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to sell your license to another user, rest assured your plugin will have retained much of its initial value. In that way, the total cost of ownership is a very reasonable proposition. Incidentally, transfers are free (Others usually ask a $25 per transfer). 

    Think about it. You paid for plugins that gather digital dust more than you will pay for Pulsar Modular plugins that you will use on a daily basis for years and years to come. We want you to use our plugins like valued hardware and use them on every mix or mastering session you do.That is the very definition of value.


    For the past 20 years, the debate has been whether plugins can reach the same sonic quality of audio hardware; in our case, we surpassed it- otherwise, we would not have entered this overcrowded market!

    We have decided early on that our products should promote themselves without the desperate need for artists endorsements or YouTube influencers reviews.

    We give you ample time to try our products without any limitations.  However, we do give NFR for those users that are actively beta testing and users that went out of their way to promote our products or sent us new features that we integrated or simply when we feel like giving it out.

    We do seek certain musicians and pay them when needed to showcase the power of our audio plugins.

    NFR and Giveaways can not be sold or transferred.

    Yes, once you start buying from us, we keep tally of your accumulated total purchases. Based on that, when you login, you will see prices reflecting the loyalty discount tier.

    • %15 Less Than $200
    • %20 More Than $200
    • %25 More Than $450

    Come on! you have a fully functioning 40 days trial. If you later changed your mind, then sell it and we do free ownership transfer. See our Return policy page for more info.

    You are running a copy without a registration. Sign up for the 40-day trial license (click on Add to Cart-DEMO) with no limitations or purchase a copy.

    Your 40-days trial has expired. You will need to purchase a copy, de-authorize your trial, paste your new auth. code and activate. You can also request a 2nd trial extension. Simply ask us 🙂

    In general, we seldom do discounts to retain the value of your Pulsar Modular plug-ins, in case you want to resell them at a later stage. On the other hand, we do loyalty discounts based on previous purchases (login to see products reflecting discounted prices). We do free of charge ownership transfer.

    Expect a sale on July 1st and on Black Friday.

    Yes, each license includes two activations. You activate a license from within the plugin. Challenge/Response activation or deactivation uses the internet upon your request. Thereafter, no poking or communication happens between your computer and our server. No complicated encryption or hardware protection dongle is required.

    We did deliver Lunar Lander on iOS. However, we have recently pulled it out of the AppStore. 

    Developing on iOS needs more resources than we currently have. We hope to re-enter the iOS market once we have few desktop audio plugins completed. Expect end of 2022.

    FL Studio might wrongly label your P42 Climax as a SYNTH instead of EFFECT. In this case, uncheck verify plugin and then rescan everything, thereafter, you should be able to categorize P42 manually as an EFFECT.

    We had a user that had issues with a combo of SoundID, Apollo Driver, Pro Tools and P42 Climax.

    Solution: Disable SoundID 🙂

    Right click on the installer and there will be a Norton 360 option. Choose file information. A Norton pop-up window will show up with a sentence saying ‘trust now’.  Press it!

    The Linux audio market is small and financially is a challenge to support it. However, we plan to deliver all our plugins in Linux native format probably by end of 2022.

    On each product page, there is a download section that list all the version iterations with description.

    Yes, we do this service free of charge. Contact support with your AUTH. Code, the name, address and email of the new owner. First, make sure you deactivate your two licenses. 

    Please note that NFR and Giveaways plugins can not be sold or transferred.

    Yes a 40% discount is given to those enrolled in music or audio related programs online or in-person. Attach a copy of your teacher, student ID or letter from the institution to [email protected]