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P900 1.21

P900 version 1.21 is a maintenance release that includes the following: Keyboard focus no longer blocks Logic Pro short cuts. P937 Sequential Controller Reset input now works as expected. Adds MIDI Learn “Clear All” and “Factory Init” menus. The latter initializes the MIDI control mappings to the original MIDI spec. Download link

P900 1.2

P900 version 1.2 is a maintenance release, and includes the following: Fixed velocity for legato mode. No longer fixed to 100. Removed automatic license dialog pop up. This could cause a total lock up on some systems. Now it’s necessary to manually bring up the license dialog to activate a license. Added tiny randomisation to […]

P900 1.1 Beta

P900 1.1 is a beta release. It includes the following: MIDI Learn Preset Menus 921 VCO — Clamping feature is incomplete. 937 Sequential Controller More instances of VCAs, EGs. Updated and added presets Bug fixes Download link  

P900 1.014 Beta

P900 1.014 is a beta release available here. It includes the following: MIDI Learn.  This is a new option available in the menu. Position the mouse over a GUI control, choose “MIDI Learn” from the menu, then move a MIDI control and it will be automatically assigned to the GUI control. The MIDI configuration is saved […]

P900 1.013 Beta

P900 1.013 is a beta release available here. It includes the following: Fix for DAW clock synchronisation, correct start/reset. Resolves issues with LEDs left on in the 937. Changes naming of 937 row outputs from “Shift” to “Gate”. Fixes for menus/rack preview to respect module instance limitations. Fix for external clock input. Do not use DAW […]

Example presets with 937 Sequential Controller

Here are a couple of example AU presets using the 937 Sequential Controller. Basic – Minimal sequencer and voice config, just showing how to do a basic setup. Old School – This is good for showcasing the random pattern generator. Set your DAW to around 110 BPM. Play a note, then flip the sequencer “Run” […]

P900 1.012 Beta

P900 1.012 is a beta release available here. It includes the following: P937 Sequential Controller, plus a new factory patch using it (#62). Delay modulation rate fix applicable only to DSP 1.1 and later.

P900 1.0.11 Update

P900 1.011 is available here. It includes the following: Revised patch connection work flow. Simply clicking on an input plug will now highlight its connection. Command-click is no longer needed. To disconnect, drag out a cable a little bit with no new connection. It’s also possible to establish a new connection directly without first disconnecting. Any […]