P44 Magnum


From the designer of P42 Climax comes P44 Magnum carrying the signature saturation of P42 but with new designed circuits; meet Oomph, Poomph and Sweet!
Add to all this, a clipper that will send most clippers into early retirement.

How to describe P44 in a song?
It’s like thunder, lightning
The way you love me is frightening
I better knock, knock on wood, baby.


  • P42 Climax saturation circuit.
  • Oomph & Poomph circuits for low end shaping.
  • Sweet- a custom high shelf design with fairy dust!
  • O2 circuit- harmonics exciter.  
  • Super low cpu tax and zero sample latency is clipper is off.
  • macOS: AU, AAX and VST3 formats.
  • Windows: VST3 and AAX formats.
  • Linux LV2 format coming soon!


Audio Examples

Artist Reviews

Scott Weiser (AKA Jackal & Hyde)

Lunar Lander is INCREDIBLE! Realistic BBD Delay behavior.

Scott is responsible for some of the most head strong electrocore bass-bangers such as Dark Star, Go Bang, Beyond, This is the Sound of Underground and Bad Robot.

Marc Codsi

Extremely lush melodic plate reverb emulation. I use it when I want to add character to a sound.

Marc Codsi is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and film composer.

Jérémie Regnier

I am stuck on Lunar Lander plate reverb 3- so much cream – Wow!

Composer, producer and performer.


Supported Plugin Formats
AU, VST3, AAX (Apple Silicon ready).

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 10.13+
Windows 10+

Apple Silicon M1 Native and Intel CPU (Universal 2 Binary)

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Copy Protection
A one-time challenge & response over the internet. License works on up two separate machines.



Latest User Guide


For previously authorized computers

  • Fixed bug in displaying presets when you change the preset name in the preset folder.
  • Streamline automation parameter names to follow convention used in our other plugins.
  • OS now has VINTG, INTEL and HD. Previously, it only had HD. More color choices plus choice for CPU load.
  • Dual-Mono can not be activated on mono track (for DAWs that support mono track).
  • Delta was not delay compensating correctly when OS is ON and CLIPPER ON.
  • Updated English user guide.


40-Day Free Trial

To start your 40-day fully functional trial for 2 computers, Press the "add to cart" Trial button and complete the checkout. Follow the instructions you will get by email. No dongle required.

(2 customer reviews)

The sound of Oomph & Poomph will shake the foundation of what can be done in the digital domain.

As the song says:  It’s like thunder, lightning, the way you love me is frightening. I better knock on wood.

Free Pulsar Modular embroidery T-Shirt. Type color & size at checkout note field.

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  • EUR: € 171
  • TRY: 4.871 ₺


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  1. So thick, it’s like gravy for your mix.

  2. Magnum opus! it’s simply very good saturation like P42 Climax MOD.