P900 1.21

P900 version 1.21 is a maintenance release that includes the following:

  • Keyboard focus no longer blocks Logic Pro short cuts.
  • P937 Sequential Controller Reset input now works as expected.
  • Adds MIDI Learn “Clear All” and “Factory Init” menus. The latter initializes the MIDI control mappings to the original MIDI spec.

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P900 1.2

P900 version 1.2 is a maintenance release, and includes the following:

  • Fixed velocity for legato mode. No longer fixed to 100.
  • Removed automatic license dialog pop up. This could cause a total lock up on some systems. Now it’s necessary to manually bring up the license dialog to activate a license.
  • Added tiny randomisation to EG configuration.
  • Increased demo time before noise bursts appear.

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