The Pulsar 900 Series Modular Synthesizer is the result of painstaking analysis and detailed modeling of classic, large format, analog synthesizer modules. Great care has been taken to make sure that both sound and operation are as close as possible to hardware modules. The hardware accelerated user interface allows for very smooth panning and zooming within the virtual rack, while interacting with controls. It is rendered at a high frame rate to ensure immediate feedback and rapid manipulation.

The P900 supports several different voice allocation modes for monophonic as well as 4- or 8-voice polyphonic patches. Enabling polyphony is as easy as flipping a switch – for any patch.

The P900 has a configurable rack, a large set of installable modules, and extremely realistic but efficient analog modeling supporting highly complex configurations of the many modules, including:

  • MIDI/CV Converter
  • MIDI Clock
  • Oscillator Driver
  • Oscillators
  • Mixers
  • Filters: Transistor Ladder/Diode Ladder/OTA/SVF/Sallen Key
  • Envelope Generators
  • Attenuators
  • VCAs
  • Noise & Filters
  • Ring Modulator
  • Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs)
  • Sample & Holds
  • Stereo Output
  • Analog Delays
  • Plate Reverb
  • Sequencers.

DOWNLOAD P900 (for Mac/AU)

(Register for a 14-day trial license with no limitations or noise bursts:

  1. Register your account and log in
  2. Go to the “Demo Downloads” page
  3. Buy the free Demo
  4. Go to the Purchase History page
  5. Click on View Details & Downloads
  6. Copy the License Key listed
  7. Download and Install the demo
  8. Paste the License Key into the P900 License Activation dialog). Available from the context/right click menu.
  9. If you get a blank plugin window, use the right click menu to toggle the Use Layers option under Host Preferences.
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