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The main intents of the 914 Fixed Filter Bank was to allow better emulation of real instruments. A guitar, violin, oboe, etc. all have certain inherent resonant modes which enhance and emphasize harmonics at certain frequencies and help define the character of the instrument. The 914 allow the musician to add in some emphasis to the “dry” signal to emulate this. I think one of the more interesting uses is to mix the output of the 914 with the dry signal with just a few of the BP cells open especially when the main signal has a rich harmonic content. It’s also a great shaper just on its own, not mixed with anything else.

So, what is really special about the 914? Is it the RLC components with the parasitic capacitance, inductance, and resistance of the passive components adding in subtle, perhaps subliminal, character? Is it just the fact of the choice of BP cell center frequencies and “Q”?, the LP/HP cutoffs and “Q”?

Pulsar 914 has been designed by David Ingebretsen from modularsynthesis.com working closely with hardware models to acheive similar behavior to the Inductor based 914 FFB.



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