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P900 1.04 Update:

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  1. Torsten.Kirsch says:


    Looks very good on Yosemite, but there were some little probs.
    First: to Register my version copy and paste was not possible (in Studio one and Reaper), the DAW crashes. Then I try in Logic were I gave the whole password handmade inside. This was succesfull!
    Second: In Logic there seem to be a GUI-fault.I only see the half of the modules and as example with 2×12 rows there a two complete rows of 6! In Studio one all is ok. In Reaper there are some little probs, we discussed the last time, but over all it seems ok!
    So thats the first impressions. Many thanks for your good work.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hi Torsten,

      I did most of the testing on El Capitan and Mavericks, with only limited testing in Yosemite and I did not come across these issues.
      I will investigate.

      Thanks and best regards.

  2. Torsten.Kirsch says:

    Hi John,
    I fixed the problem in Logic. If I change the “Use Layers-Option” to non, then all seem to be fine!

    Best regards

  3. Torsten.Kirsch says:

    Hi John,

    now its worked correct in Logic but I have to change the option everytime I open the plugin. This makes me a little bit unlucky.


  4. Torsten.Kirsch says:

    Hi John,

    btw, I think its a good idea to tell the kvraudio-community about the update. This ia a real major-update because all these people who working with 10.9 or 10.10 can now test and buy! your famous plugin!

    Best regards

  5. Thanks, Torsten. I know what the issue is. I will provide an update within a day or two.

    Best regards.

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