Reciprocal Altruism 20% Discount Campaign

Say what?

This type of altruism is based on a mutual give-and-take relationship. It involves helping another person now because they may one day (in our case, same or next day) be able to return the favor.

We would have loved not to use such tactics. We don’t have the marketing muscle and found that true feedback on Gearspace Forum have been a real drive to bring new leads.

Soon, the hot news on the forum will fade and we will be left out with few reviews and an outrageously expensive plugin! Hence, the title of this drive.

You can post positive or negative review and still get your discount code. You have the option to jot a fast one sentence review on P42 Climax Webpage

Or detailed review on:

KVR Audio

Or Gearspace

After posting your review, we will message you with the discount code. No need to email us.

If you were wondering why not 25% discount, well, it was reserved for the first wave of brave hearts.

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