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Now through February 5, you can be BFF with our company and plugins when you apply the discount code: BFF2023 and get a 33% discount code on all our products.

All new users that already purchased our products during this month will receive a discount coupon for the difference- so they will also be our BFF.

We start off with RECnMIX Academy, a mix and mastering academy in Italy, that has teamed with us and will be translating P42 Climax and P11 Abyss user guides to the Italian languages. RECnMIX Academy, at their discretion, can offer their private audio coaching students our 40% EDU discount code.

We are still offering our Italian Pulsar Modular users a free 1 year subscription from Audio Fader, the leading Italian audio e-zine, covering everything from interviews to audio hardware and software reviews. Contact us if you did not receive your subscription.

And still more news from Italy! A well established company known for sampling audio hardware and selling them as plugins has for the first time, worked off a plugin! They state on their webpage: “… implements a long list of compression curves accurately sampled from the best analog compressors and software.

detectors modulators of the shape for attack and release times coming from the best SOFTWARE (yes, this time software as well)”.

A quick search for the word “ABYSS” in this unofficial list, maintained by long-time GearSpace User DOOM64, confirms it.

I would like to clarify that Abyss unique workflow, behavior, curves, GUI were all unique to Pulsar Modular with lots of feedback and ideas from our dear close beta testers and the great GearSpace users who engaged us during the GS public beta testing. The challenge test of showcasing Abyss against audio compressed files sent by GS users was to simply show the flexibility of Abyss and its powerful tools that enables it to mimic a wide range of topologies but never to copy or emulate a certain device. All the tuning and behavior were done by ear. The video tutorials show in real time how to use the different Abyss parameters to approximate the reference sound, again, by ear.

I highly recommend watching “Do You Think You Know Everything about Compressors?” and subscribe to the channel. Check the hoodie while at it 🙂

New version of ABYSS v1.0.4 available supporting AAX for M1 and compatible with PYRAMIX for Windows and faster GUI performance (migrated to JUCE 7 framework).

Pulsar Modular products are used by many mix and mastering engineers, educational facilities and studios. However, with a one to two years development cycle for a single plugin has proved to be an unsustainable business model. At the same time, we don’t want to follow the 50, 70 or 90% discount trend dominating the market, as this will depreciate your investment in our products. I believe we have enough good virtual audio circuits and some good ears to recycle our code delivering lower price but still quality plugins, thus making it more accessible to the audio community.

So expect from us during this year, a new line of compressors, using under the hood a custom tuned Abyss, to nail particular topologies (again no particular device, tuning by ear and no IR). These specialized compressors’ target price will be less than $100.

P42 Climax is starting its 3rd year in the market and still maintaining its value and continuously being updated. Expect to see soon a P42 Jr. with the same signature saturation but lower price and an upgrade path to P42 Climax.

Zorba, our soft-synth is on track but can not be rushed. Abyss took two years and now we have a jewel. Zorba will be just that for the synth community. Lend me your patience and faith.

A quote from Warren Buffet I’d like to share with you: “I know many people who have a lot of money, and they get testimonial dinners and they get hospital wings named after them. But the truth is that nobody in the world loves them. That’s the ultimate test of how you have lived your life. The more you give love away, the more you get.”

Yours truly,

Ziad Sidawi

Audio Equipment Designer (happens to be in software form)