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We are happy to have made so many Best Friends Forever after our last campaign, that was a total success.

We have gained many Italian users and as a thank you gesture, we have worked with Andy Cappellato – RECnMIX Chief Editor, to produce the Italian User Guide. We also thank Sarah De Carlo for additional work on this guide.

Recently, we upgraded our audio cables with Ghost Cable (connecting Lynx Hilo Audio interface with Dynaudio LYD 48 3-way speakers), and immediately noticed a difference in the sound stage. Highly recommended!

Today, we release P11 Abyss v1.1 with upgraded EQ circuitry taken from our upcoming Mastering EQ. Also, added EQ band cut/attenuation on the Input and Side-chain signal.

Internal audio engine of Abyss has been upgraded to the next level in analog nonlinear behavior (still compatible with older versions and no level mismatch).

Expect a slew of upgrades (in the next few weeks) to our previous products, like the P914 FFB, P565 SIREN and Lunar Lander. All products will become Apple Silicon ready.

We are sorry that Zorba, our soft synth, has been put on hold during this time. We will announce when development will resume. Leapers can still request a refund if they wish, otherwise, we will send them a $25 discount coupon (next week) as a thank you gesture for their patience.