We are near ready to launch our first effect plugin based on Pulsar Modular P900. Lunar Lander is an effect plugin that combines an analog delay, reverb and saturation all in one. Very creative applications produced with Lunar Lander.

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    1. Pulsar Novation says:

      We would love to sell you the P900, but currently we decided to re-write and will launch it back end of the year.

    2. Pulsar Novation says:

      We target to re-launch it end of 2020. Meanwhile, we are spinning off modules off the P900 as separate plugins. The first being the Lunar lander, a compbo of P931, P933 and P937 (3 modules off the P900).

  1. masterhiggins says:

    When you say re-writing it is it going to change the sound?

    1. Pulsar Novation says:

      This is the challenge! You can test with Lunar Lander, which is the P931, P933 and P937 all rolled into one.

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