P900 1.0.10 Update

P900 1.0.10 is available here. It includes the following:

  • Slightly revised behavior for the P935 Voltage Store reset input. The actual reset is now synchronized with the clock, and when the reset input goes high, it only resets once, not continuously as before. This makes it much more usable. For example, the keyboard gate can be directly plugged into the reset input such that the sequence is restarted on key down.
  • The number of P928 Sample Hold modules available has been increased from 1 to 3, and the number of 923 Filters modules available from 1 to 2.
  • Fixed default settings for the Use Layers flag, for various platforms and hosts.

P900 1.09 Update (New Modules!)

P900 1.09 is available here. It includes the following:

  • P935 Voltage Store (3X). This is a sequencer building block in the form of a simple 8-stage voltage store with a single output and 3 inputs for advancing to the next stage, reset, or reverse step. A trigger sequencer/programmer is still on the drawing board and will arrive later.
  • P936 MIDI Clock (1X). This module provides 4 different DAW synchronized clock signals, 3 of which can be configured for different clock divisions.
  • A few new presets that use the above modules.
  • Fix for defect that required sporadic re-activation of a previously activated license.

P900 1.08 Update

P900 1.08 is available here.

  • Fix for a regression in parameter handling which primarily affected Numerology. All parameters are now available for automation.
  • Introduces a new VCA saturation option. When enabled, this produces a softer, smoother sound compared to the default harder, punchier one. In the GUI there is a new lamp at the bottom of the VCA module. Default is off, click to toggle on/off.

P900 1.07 Update

P900 1.07 is available here.

  • UseLayers initial setting is now “on” for all Apple hosts on Mavericks (10.9). It works both ways on most hosts but Logic works better with it on. These settings are now “registered” defaults and can be changed (and persisted) via the context menu.