P900 1.04 Update (for OS X 10.9 and later) available in downloads section

P900 1.04 Update:

  • Supports OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later. There are some minor visual differences when running on 10.9, in particular patch cables will not look as good.
  • Holding down command key allows for high precision knob adjustments.
  • Holding down command key and selecting an input plug will highlight the connected patch cable.
  • Modified oscillator drift characteristics.
  • Miscellaneous GUI fixes.
  • More presets.

P900 1.03 Update available in downloads section

P900 1.03 Update:

  • Each rack row is now 12 slots wide. Older patches are compatible but module locations are affected.
  • The AU view menu options have been deprecated (only Logic supported them). The windowing options are now available in the main plugin menu instead – for all hosts.
  • Added menu option to “dim” patch cords. Default is on.
  • Fixed issue with the existing output plugs being removed when attempting to connect.
  • Fixed issue with non-removable “phantom” connections.
  • Fixed graphical mode installation of filters.

P900 1.02 Update available in downloads section

1.02 Update:

  • Sets up defaults for better compatibility with most hosts out of the box, for “Host Preferences”.
  • Pressing tab-key will toggle translucent patch cords on/off (app canvas must have focus). This is a quick way to see anything obscured by the patch cords. The state is persistent.

P900 1.01 Update available in downloads section

1.01 Update:

  • Fixes numerous glitches with graphical module installation/editing.
  • Adds a “Host Preferences” option for host compatibility. Set once per host. The “Use Layers” option is enabled by default is what should be used for for Logic, MainStage, AULab.
  • Fixes for issues with Patch Notes display.
  • Fixed 8-voice polyphonic mode UI switch, which sometimes failed.